Monday, January 6, 2020

The Case for Front End Loading (Fel) and Constructability...

â€Å"The Case for Front End Loading (FEL) and Constructability Reviews† Professional Paper Delivered to the Greater New Orleans Chapter, Project Management Institute Professional Development Day 15 October 2004 by Milton H. Jones, PMP (PMCC, Inc.) Abstract: The stakes for the Project Manager have never been higher. Many still doubt the efficacy of the tools and processes espoused by the rapidly-growing membership of the world’s largest and fastest-growing project management professional organization and seek to tarnish its accomplishments by imputing that the profession is simply one of a long line of professional fads that is overly-burdened and preoccupied with descriptive phrases, jargon and/or †buzz words†. Yet some highly-effective tools†¦show more content†¦(All rights reserved) ENR recommended more â€Å"transparency† in the cost forecasting process and the use of independent appraisals prior to project approval. Recent research conducted by the Construction Industries Institute (CII) Small Projects Execution Research Team indicates that the front end planning effort for small projects is critical to success since small projects typically have no slack in either budget process nor in schedule. 1997 research (Note 1) based on a study of fifty-three local area petrochemical projects has concluded that there is a strong

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