Friday, January 31, 2020

Violence on Television Essay Example for Free

Violence on Television Essay Used mostly in promotional purposes, television shows that contain violence to any degree have become so rampant. Though there are some provisions that somehow restrict or limit the air time when they are shown and also the extent to which violent acts are shown. I think, still, there must be one good move to be taken into consideration. I think this movement should abide by this statement: The amount of violence on television must be reduced and the airing time of the TV shows that contain violence must only be during the time when children are in bed, or they can even be banned when the violence is too offensive. As I said, violence acts are mostly for promotions. Since viewers were stimulated as their adrenalin rushed when suspense happen during shooting of guns or murder cases, this is also the time when promotions pops out, thus enabling viewers to see the promotion (www. ridgenet. org/ 20href=). If this is the case, why can they search for another opportunity when they can advertise their business? Other genre of shows like comedy that contains no act of violence also excites viewers, thus these kinds can serve as an opportunity. Promotions are not that big as the next problem I will present regarding the showing of TV shows with violent acts. Adults have greater experience, obviously, that’s why they can understand that violent acts on TV are just for the sake of entertainment. For them, it is just another thing in TV that can somehow entertain and in some case educate them; but children are not like them. According to psychologists, children in toddler stage are instinctively wants to imitate adult human behavior and that they are not geared up with the knowledge of choosing which should be imitated or not. Thus exposing them to these acts may cause them to imitate violent acts which are obviously not proper. In a survey made in America by a group of psychologists, children of ages 2 to 5 are watching television for an average of almost 30 hours. Also, based on studies, children up to four years of age cannot recognize which is factual from fantasy without adult intervention. This may cause them to believe that what they see is true (Centerwall). Aside from imitation, there are many other psychological effects for children of seeing violence on television. Children who watch violence are most likely to be aggressive and behave the same way as what he saw. That is, he will become more and more violent if he sees more and more violence. Also, their views about the world may change. They may think that the world we’re living is dangerous and that to survive, they are meant to be aggressive. They may also become insensitive to other for they saw that it is so natural for some person to be hit or killed or be hurt by others. They are also the type that would react slowly during emergency. What’s so alarming is that these behaviors can be carried through teenage years and even in adulthood. According to Dr. Leonard Eron of the University of Illinois, children exposed to violence become aggressive when they are teenagers and be more likely to be arrested when they become adult (Centerwall). These made me come up with the conclusion of limiting the airing time to the time when children are in bed, which is about before 5am to after 10 pm. What is missing about my argument is the role of parents about this matter. Truly, it is their responsibility to guide their children while watching; but we cannot always count on them for they have also their own responsibilities. They are busy with home chores or they go to work that they had no enough time to ensure that their children are watching what should be watched. Let us not deny the fact that most children can freely open the television and watch even if their parents are not there and sometimes parents use television as baby sitters. Let us also take not that even funny cartoons contain violence so let us also be aware of them. According to one survey made by a TV station on parents, almost 70% parents believe that there is too much amount of violent acts that are shown in TV. Forty percent of the total respondents believe that these acts are not good for their children (Blue Oceans Psychology). That’s why, the amount of the violence in TV shows must be reduced. To take a big step about this problem, it is better to define the responsibilities of the bodies that are concern with the matter. Let’s look at the TV manufacturers. The law now makes a move of pushing manufacturers to enable a blocking system in every unit. This will prevent children from free access of shows unless their parents will allow them; but this will need some increase of awareness since parents are not that expert in which to watch or not. This will lead us to the TV ratings board which judge TV shows whether they are suitable to an age bracket or not. I also just like them to have the authority of banning programs where violence shown is too offensive. And lastly, the parents, themselves, are one of the key role players in this matter. Their guidance still is the best factor in shaping the character of their children. Today, there are still debates on between TV operators and those that push against violence on TV. Though research results are presented, we cannot easily say that TV is doing wrong since its business for them. Right now, all of us must be aware and be observant so that every detail of this problem must be taken into account.

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